SIERRA Fuel Injector Cleaner 16 oz OEM# 92-8M0062765

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Sierra E-Go! Blast restores lost power and performance by cleaning clogged fuel injectors using proprietary polyether amine (PEA) detergent technology. This product removes deposits that begin to form with every tank of gasoline. Save gas by keeping your fuel injectors clean.
  • Immediate clean-up for all injector types (port or direct injection)
  • Intake valve deposit clean-up
  • Combustion chamber deposit clean-up
  • Piston surface deposit clean-up
  • Cleans better than traditional mineral-based or PIB (Polyisobutenamine) cleaners
  • Increases power and performance
  • Reduces emissions
  • Improves fuel economy
  • Prevents rough idle, hesitation and stalling
  • Helps with cold start-up problems
  • Helps prevent premature spark plug fouling
  • Reduces deposit-related engine knocking and pinging
  • Helps prevent injector misfire codes
  • Replaces Mercruiser 92-8M0062765, OTC 7000A-1

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