RULE LoPro Series 900S Bilge Pump

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Rule’s LoPro Series Bilge Pumps are only 2.25” high. Yet each one can move a mighty 900 gallons per hour. In addition, the 900S model features two automated modes. The first one engages the pump when the water level reaches 1.3” or 2”, and the second one checks for water by briefly turning on the pump every 2.5 minutes.
  • Fully rotating discharge body. The entire body swivels up to 180°, making the pump extremely easy to install.
  • Threaded discharge nozzle. The threads allow the discharge nozzle to couple with either a straight or 90° fitting, both of which are included. An included tricuspid check valve, used with the straight fitting, can be used to minimize the backflow of water.
  • Multiple modes of operation. In additional to manual, the 900S features two automated modes of operation.
  • Electronic automatic mode. The pump automatically turns on every 2.5 minutes to check for water, and if it’s detected the pump stays on until the water is gone.
  • High or low water sensing mode. The low setting automatically starts the pump when the water level rised to 1.3”, and the high setting engages the pump when the water rises to 2”.
  • Horizontal or vertical mounting. The 900S features a variety of mounting options to accommodate the boat’s design.

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