Portable Winch Skidding Cone Assortment Up to 51 cm (20") diameter

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Temperature: Up to -30°C (-22°F)
Material: Performance polymer plastic
Kit: Yes
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  • Temperature : Up to -30°C (-22°F)
  • Material : Performance polymer plastic
  • Kit : Yes

The skidding cone assortment is a great solution for pulling logs with a small tractor or an ATV (QUAD). As you know, there are no real anchor points on an ATV (QUAD). The pulling plate (078022) is the perfect solution since you can attach a rope, a choker or any tipe of slings. Of course, our skidding cone will allow the driver to look where he is going instead of wondering if the log will get jammed on an obstacle. The open face corner block used with the automatic release is also a great combination. See how it works by clicking on the video link below! A very efficient and affordable assortment!

The assortment includes:
  • 1x 078024: Skidding cone for logs up to 50 cm (20'') diameter.
  • 1x 078004: Double braided polyester rope - 12 mm x 50 m (1/2’’ x 164’).
  • 1x 078005: Small rope bag. Holds 50 m x 12 mm (164’ x 1/2’’).
  • 1x 078022: Pulling plate for ball hitch up to 50 mm (2’’) diameter
  • 1x 078016: Open face corner block. 1 steel sheave 100 mm (3’’) diameter
  • 1x 078017: Automatic release for open face corner block (078016).
  • 1x 078023: Choker chain 6 mm x 2.1 m (1/4'' x 7') with C-Hook and steel rod.
  • 1x 078011: Polyester sling - 50 mm x 1,83 m (2'' x 6').
  • 1x 078018: Grab hook 7 mm (5/16'') with latch and 3 chain links.

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