Portable Winch Pulling Winch PCW3000 Garden Kit

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Kit: Yes
Strength: 1500 lbs
Winch type: Fuel
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  • Kit : Yes
  • Strength : 1500 lbs
  • Winch type : Fuel
  • Strap included : Yes

Homeowners and cottage owners, the PCW3000-GK kit was elaborated to satisfy the dedicated worker inside that takes pride of a job well done.

Appreciated for its compact size and its 700-kg pulling capacity, the all-position PCW3000 with gets the job done. Whether it is for cutting down a tree, removing stumps, stretching fences or getting your boat or dock out, you'll always be satisfied!

In addition to the winch, this kit includes a 50-metre polyester rope, two carabiners, a polyester sling, and a useful transport bag that easily stores and carries your equipment from one place to another. The single pulley will be useful to double the pulling force when the time comes. Combined with the 700-kg power offered by the winch, you will obtain 1,400 kg of power!

Note: One (1) 60 mm x 2 m polyester anchor sling is included with the winch.

Kit Included:
  • 078001: Gas-Powered Pulling Winch - Gx 35 Cc
  • 118099: Transport Bag With Compartments For 3000 Series Winches
  • 078002: Dbp Rope - 10 Mm X 50 M
  • 078015: Stainless Steel Single Swing Side Snatch Block - 1 X 76 Mm
  • 078013: Steel Locking Carabiner - Mbs: 25 Kn
  • 078011: Polyester Sling - 60 Mm X 2 M

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