Portable Winch Off-Road Kit with winch PCW4000

PortableWinchSKU: 118186

Kit: Yes
Strength: 2200 lbs
Winch type: Fuel
Sale price$1,937.95
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  • Kit : Yes
  • Strength : 2200 lbs
  • Winch type : Fuel
  • Cable included : Yes
  • Strap included : Yes
  • Material : Steel
  • Length : 50 m

For motor sport enthusiasts looking for all the power the gas-powered winch PCW4000 has to offer, the PCW4000-VK kit is for you and contains the essential accessories to leave with peace of mind.

No matter the situation your vehicle finds itself into, you'll be able to get it out of trouble. The 10 mm x 50 m rope will allow it to be retrieved, regardless of terrain conditions. As for the single pulley (PCA-1275), it will be useful to double the pulling force when the time comes. Combined with the 1,000-kg power offered by the winch PCW4000, you will obtain 2,000 kg of power! The package also includes the anchor plate for towing balls to allow you to use your vehicle as an anchor point. The transport bag and rope bag are included to carry your winch, rope and accessories safe from the elements.

Don't forget the ARM system which will come very handy if you need to pull your vehicle up a hill. Indeed, this anti-roll back mechanism can hold a load so it won't go back down!

Note: One (1) 60 mm x 2 m polyester anchor sling is included with the winch.

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