Portable Winch Hunting kit with winch PCW4000

PortableWinchSKU: 118185

Kit: Yes
Strength: 2200 lbs
Winch type: Fuel
Sale price$2,004.45
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  • Kit : Yes
  • Strength : 2200 lbs
  • Winch type : Fuel
  • Cable included : Yes
  • Strap included : Yes
  • Material : Steel
  • Length : 50 m

For those who want the power of the PCW5000 with a 360° inclinable engine, the kit PCW4000-HK is a very interesting option.

You can carry the winch in the transport bag (PCA-0106). You can also store the smaller accessories inside. It also comes with a 10 mm x 50 m rope that can be stored in the rope bag. The single pulley (PCA-1275) will be useful to deviate the load or double the pulling force when needed. Combined with the 1,000-kg power offered by the winch PCW4000, you will obtain 2,000 kg of force!

A complete kit for those who want the winch PCW4000!

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