Kimpex HD Nippon Denso Internal Voltage Regulator Fits Kawasaki, Fits Suzuki, Fits Triumph, Fits Yamaha - 289019

KimpexHDSKU: 289019

Width (mm): 0.9
Length (mm): 77
Height (mm): 0.9
Sale price$95.48
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  • Width (mm) : 0.9
  • Length (mm) : 77
  • Height (mm) : 0.9
  • Number of wires : 2
  • Wire length : 140 mm
  • Number of connectors : 2
  • Number of terminals : N/A
  • MM between fixation holes : N/A

  • Our regulator that replaces the internal regulator inside Nippon Denso alternators.
  • This alternator is commonly used on certain Suzuki GSX-R models, on Yamaha FJ models, and Kawasaki Ninja models between 1984 up to now.
  • Even though this looks different compared to the stock regulator, it fits perfectly.
  • All products shipped are tested
  • One year Warranty

There are several advantages of choosing our regulator :

MUCH better heat sinking capability and incorporates a thermal overload circuit.
This circuit is important because it shuts down the regulator if the alternator rotor is shorted, a problem that is very common now. Typically the OEM voltage regulator dies when the rotor shorts out.
Our voltage regulator is better to the stock one and will most likely outlast the alternator it is installed in!

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