Faria Black Speedometer Chesapeake Boat - 732486

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FariaSKU: 732486

Dash board type: Speedometer
Display Type: Dial
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  • Dash board type : Speedometer
  • Display Type : Dial

  • No external GPS antenna required
  • Available in multiple Speed ranges (15-120 MPH, 25-200 KPH and 15-100 Knots)
  • Premium LED back-lit dials
  • Available LCD displays Compass Rose heading and Actual heading (COG)
  • Ultra fast Satellite acquisition time (TTFF) 1 second from Hot start
  • Speed Accuracy of +/- 1 MPH
  • Heading Accuracy of +/- 1 Degree
  • Digital stepper motor driven pointers
  • Ideal replacement for speed sensing devices (pitot tube and paddle wheel) that fail over time
  • Perfect for slow moving vessels where pitot tubes just don't work

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