EFX TIRES Tire Sand Slinger for UTV Size 29x11-14

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  • Tire Height: 29
  • Tire Width: 11
  • Wheel diameter: 14
  • Tire Size: 29x11-14
  • Ply: 4
  • Construction: Bias
  • Position: Rear
  • Tube: N/A
  • Depth tread: N/A
  • Classification: Sand
  • Number: 217806

The EFX Sand Slinger UTV sand tire is one tire that EFX took their time on, but was well worth the wait. This tire has just the right amount of paddles for small to large CC machines and the perfect paddle depth for any 1000+ machine looking to punch it and float across the dunes.

The Sand Slinger is very light, increasing performance and has one of the best torque to float ratios available. Find out why everyone is talking about this new sand tire, more sizes coming soon!

Available in 27x10x14 (Smoothie), 27x13x14 (Paddle), 29x11x14 (Ribbed) and 29x14x14 (Paddle), this 4-ply bias compound tire has every option to get you moving.

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