EBC Clutch Kit - DRC Series Fits Suzuki, Fits Arctic cat, Fits Kawasaki - Made with Kevlar

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EBCSKU: 008682

Displacement: N/A
Types: DRC Series
Number: 008682
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  • Displacement : N/A
  • Types : DRC Series

The US #1 selling off road clutch. Why are these the best???
  • Anti-swell, alloy impregnated heavy duty cork based facings provide smooth clutch take up and allow modulation, unlike paper clutches which tend to snatch.
  • Complete engine set of friction plates; HD springs and Steel separator plate prevent premature driven plate wear, oil muddying and loss of stack height.
  • EBC DRC kits are built with swaged aluminum carriers which spread the load on the clutch basket and prevent clutch basket “dogging”.
Note: do not use fully synthetic oil.

Refer to the chart to find your model.

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