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  • Sold : Pair
  • Adjuster Type : Adjusting Ring
  • Designed for : Suspension
  • Compatible Brand : Universal

Polyurethane Suspension Tuning Rings for your snowmobile improve your suspensions energy management resulting in greater performance without sacrificing ride comfort.
  • Designed to easily mount between the coils of your suspensions front springs with no tools required.
Polytune Rings provide a simple approach to tuning your stock suspension for a greater level of performance;
  • Flatter handling for faster cornering speeds and control
  • Improved overall machine stability, comfort, and safety
  • Provides a more progressive spring calibration for faster reaction times
  • Better control by reducing for suspensions lateral roll, dive and squat
  • Improved damping for better noise, vibration and harness resulting in less rider fatigue.
Helps to control "Shock loading" and "Body roll forces" improving tracking in all conditions.
  • Keeps your skis firmly planted to the ground for better traction and rough trail compliance.
Proprietary polyurethane material (Industries best) maintains performance characteristics from -45 Degrees to +200 Degrees Farenheight.

Polytune Rings come in three different tuning desities to match your individual riding style/preference; Soft/Medium/Hard

Available in black to match most shock/sled color themes

It's automotive racing suspension technology for the Powersports Industry.

Convenience, Innovation, Safety & Performance.

Tuning density can be found on the PolyTune Rings parting line via raised bumps/dimples, and by cross-referencing the information below;

One bump - Tuning density: Soft
Riding Style Description: You ride at moderate speeds but want better overall control of your machine.

Two bumps - Tuning density: Medium
Riding Style Description: You ride at moderate to aggressive speeds depending on conditions but want more performance particularly in the corners and bumps.

Three bumps - Tuning density: Hard
Riding Style Description: You are an aggressive rider who demands fast corners and enjoys the bumps.

PolyTune Ring Size (height) is marked on the outside diameter of the ring using the following codes;
"SA" for coil spacing of 0.70 to 0.89 inches (18 to 23 mm)
"SB" for coil spacing of 0.90 to 1.09 inches (23 to 28 mm)
"SC" for coil spacing of 1.10 to 1.29 inches (28 to 33 mm)
"SD" for coil spacing of 1.30 to 1.50 inches (33 to 38 mm)

PolyTune Rings work to adjust the rate of your suspensions coils spring. Increasing rates will cause your snowmobile to handle in a different manner. Until you understand how your snowmobile will perform with PolyTune Rings, Biteharder recommands you ride at moderate speeds.

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