Biteharder Carbide Stud Sharpening Tool – Standard Series 070780

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Designed for: Sharpen
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  • Designed for : Sharpen

Our Standard Series Carbide Stud sharpener is designed as a maintenance tool to easily sharpen your individual broken, worn or damaged studs, without the need to remove them from your track. BITEHARDER tools provide the ultimate carbide tip for improved handling, performance and safety.
  • Our standard series tools are designed to be used with a portable drill for anywhere sharpening convenience (trailside, trailer or garage)
  • Studs are re-sharpened at 60 degrees providing a better tip profile than what comes with purchasing new
  • Fast and effective two stage sharpening process using the same tool
  • BITEHARDER’s AdvantEdge Sharpening Technology provides the best edge for handling and performance:
    - Carbide studs stay sharper over a longer period of time
    - Better traction and control of your machine results in a much safer ride regardless of conditions
    - Bite into any surface including hard pack, ice and asphalt
  • With proper use, our industrial diamond cutting media allows you to maintain your studs effectiveness over their entire useful life. Why replace when you can re-sharpen?

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