Biteharder Carbide Runner Sharpening Tool – Professional Series 070248

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Designed for: Sharpen
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  • Designed for : Sharpen

Our Professional Series Tools operate similarly to our Standard Series Tools but are designed to operate at much higher RPM’s (10,000 minimum), using pneumatic or electric grinders. These tools use superior quality diamond cutting media which provide for longer life (up to five times longer than our Standard Series Carbide Runner Sharpener), making it perfect for families with numerous machines and/or dealer service departments wanting to provide a sharpening service for their customers.
  • Designed for all around performance, our professional series runner tool will sharpen even significantly worn carbide runners
  • Sharp edges provide improved control, handling and performance in all conditions
  • Better control of your snowmobile results in a much safer ride with less darting
  • Get more precision and accuracy through the corners
  • Bite into any surface for the best ride in all conditions including hard pack, ice and even asphalt
  • BITEHARDER sharpening tools with AdvantEdge™ Technology provide the best;
    - edge in handling and performance
    - sharp carbide edge over the life of your runners
    - precision and accuracy through the corners
    - control of your machine for the safest riding in all conditions

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